Life Partner Compatibility

Life partner compatibility is the third terrific feature of our match making process that benchmarks the criteria in choosing the suitable profiles as per the age, occupation, income, type of family and financial status.

The Partner Compatibility Tool (PCT) is a five page document which can be downloaded from the home page of profile. Members have to fill the information primarily about the habits, hobbies and wish list for the life partners. Members have to upload duly signed the PCTs to the profiles along with photographs as part of completion of the profiles.

Partner compatibility tool is a fantastic feature of our match making process to select exactly those profiles that matches the majority of criteria. 

Subscribers can view the PCT of other members. It’s completely private and transparent. It’s specifically designed for the elite families & the NRIs to save the time in finalizing the suitable profiles. 

Use Partner Compatibility Tool to get accepted by other members promptly
  •   Log in to the profile to download the PCT
  •   Upload the duly filled & signed scanned document 
  •   Buy recommended Subscription Package
  •   Share with the members who shown interest in your profile (or)
  •   Share with the members you are interested

Majority of the members finalized the alliances using our three trademark features of matching making process.